Mindset Indicator

Do you have a growth or fixed mindset? Use our Mindset Indicator to find out!

This assessment is adapted from Carol Dweck’s book ” Mindset: The new psychology of success.” (Dweck, 2006)

Why is Mindset Important?

How we deal with life’s challenges has a lot to do with our beliefs about change at a very human level. Does our intelligence change or is it a given? Can we change our characters or are we born with them?

These beliefs dictate our behaviours.  For example do we try new ways of dealing with a challenge, or do we give up trying?

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The Assessment

The Mindset Indicator has not been tested or validated by research. It only provides a space for you to think about your beliefs, and is only reflective of your beliefs at the time you fill in the form.
Note also, that you can have a mixed mindset. For example, you can have a growth mindset about intelligence and a fixed mindset about character or reverse.

What Does it Mean?

Depending on your answers, the assessment can give four different results:

  • Strong growth mindset
  • Growth mindset with some fixed ideas
  • Fixed mindset with some growth ideas
  • Strong fixed mindset

For more information read on:

You believe that people become successful because of their inherent talents and intelligence. You believe that trying when you are not talented is a waste of time and effort, you will never gain real success. You view any change with suspicion and dread, because you may have to do something you are not talented in. If you don’t view yourself as particularly intelligent you won’t bother learning new things. You believe people’s personalities are what they are born with. This mindset can stop you from reaching your true potential, or to appreciate that others can change. I

Essentially, you believe your inherent talents and intelligence are the key determinants of your success. You believe if you try really hard, you might become better, but you won’t become as good as someone who is talented.  You view any change with dread, because you may have to do something you are not talented in. You believe people’s personalities don’t change much during their lifetime. This mindset can stop you from trying if you perceive someone else to be more talented – it can stop you from reaching your dreams.

You believe people can improve in anything if they put in the required effort, but people who have an inherent talent or intelligence will excel. You view most change as a challenge and an opportunity for personal growth and learning. You believe you can expand your intelligence by learning new things. You might believe people’s personalities don’t change that much during their lifetime. This mindset allows you to try your best to reach your potential, and you are fairly resilient.

You believe that by putting in time and effort you can become more intelligent and talented. You look forward to challenges, because you know they are opportunities to learn, exercise your creativity, and grow. You believe people can change their personalities if only they put in an effort. You are resilient and your mindset allows you to give everything a go.

Where to From Here?

A growth mindset makes us more resilient. You may wish to explore how to become more resilient by registering for our blended learning course: Maintaining Resilience

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